10 months old baby

Question: My baby 10mons old.. Her head is too hot... What is the problem in that? But body temperature is normal

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Answer: Actually at this time my daughter also have the same problem. Doctor said it is usual still 2 years
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Question: My baby's body temperature is normal, bt head is too hot? Plz suggest what to do?
Answer: Hi Dear, babies used to loose all its extra heat through head only. That's why it is important to give baby head bath daily and also dress your baby in loose cottonwear. But too much of hot head can cause sudden infant death in extreme cases and you should consult it with your doctor. Feed baby frequently to keep well hydrated and maintain body temperature. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby girl Is 5 months old and her head gets hot sometimes. Her body temperature will be normal but only head part feels hot. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear... Yes it's normal nothing to worry about actually every babies head used to be hot even my baby also have hot head and his other parts are normal so u always put proper oil in his head for cooling down,in the morning when he gets up u oil his hair and after bath also do oiling.. Babies head are hot actually there is nothing to worry so all the best. Thanks
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Question: My babies head is too hot her body temperature is 100 what should i do
Answer: Initially use cold compress to fire head Wear comfortable clothing like loose and cotton Give a sponge bath Cover body with light blanket Feed him Coconut water to stay hydrated Reduce body temperature by using only doctor prescription but don't give any self medication to babies which may cause harm to baby
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