Few weeks old baby

Question: My babies umbilical cord turned green and dry and surrounding area little red and swollen..is this normal

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Answer: Dear it is normal ...once it falls off please apply a antiseptic powder or cream on that area regularly.. The cream or powder will be prescribed to you by the doctor....hope this helps.
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Question: My babies umbilical cord is little bit bulging than a normal size what can i do plz suggest me
Answer: Hi dear if the baby's umbilical stump is a little a bulging it is normal for a lot of babies however protruding too much did it could be some problem like umbilical hernia I would suggest you to take the baby to the doctor to detect the problem and even if it is umbilical hernia then please note around one year of the babies age it gets cured on its own .. Hope this helps!
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Question: my son is 5 days old. his umbilical cord heeling appears red with little blood. how can i reduce this ?
Answer: Hi dear don't worry if there is any red blood in the umbilical cord it will heal by itself nothing should be apply it is open and directly connected to the stomach can cause infections it is better to leave it as it is.
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Question: My baby is 55days old for past 2 day my baby umbilical cord is swollen little i worried why
Answer: This is sign of infection please see your paediatrician now and get neosporin powder prescribed.
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