22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My anomaly scan was done in 10 mins..is it nornal coz i hav heard it takes 30mins time

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Question: Hi doctor,yesterday i hav done my anomaly scan is it normal to have FHR 163?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes foetal heart rate between 120-180 beats per minute is considered normal.
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Question: How much time is anomaly Scan takes
Answer: Anomaly scan takes around one hour. The doctor checks the baby for abnormalities. They also measure almost every organ of the baby to ensure proper growth.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant and had an anomaly scan on Sunday, it was 2D scan. I have heard that it is usually 4D scan. When is it done? Or 2D scan is enough?
Answer: Hi 2d scan is most enough...but if u are interested u can ask ur physician
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