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Question: My amh level is 1.3 my lmp date is feb planning for consive more than two year i cant able to hubby sperm count is good only so this minth im going iui please help me how to ready and safe

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Question: I m 28 year old and my hubby is 32year old..we r planning for baby from last year ehen we were still i m not pregnant actually mam i m having one tube only....other test are normal and my uterus is week and my husband is havin low sperm count bt motility is periods are on tym 30 day cycle bt last month it was chance of pregnancy was increased bt i was on the trip .. nd doctor told me on that if ur period date is coming then don't go here and therr bt last tym i went so my mc was come.....on tomorrow my period date...i.e4oct pls mam i want to b pregnant this tym...can i b or what thing i have to do now... for pregnancy..pls mam i m waiting for ur response
Answer: Dear 3 things which are there in your case. First is ur husband's low super mobility 40% is good enough to get pregnant and ur husband has 45% which is fine. Just make some changes in the diet make it more healthy and ask him to start exercise, workout or even a yoga for half an hour would help in improving those. Second is that you have 1 fallopian tube understand dear that you can get pregnant with only 1 tube but that has to be working absolutely fine. I hope you have already got this checked and it is working fine in your case. Now we come to the third part your periods. You have now a 30 days cycle. Usually in a 28 days cycle a woman ovulate on 14th day and it is said to have sex between 7th day and 14th day to get the best result. Your is 30 day cycle so you will be ovulation on 16th day from ur periods. So have sex between 10th day and 18th day to get the best result. Do it alternate or daily that is ur choice. So if your periods come tomorrow on time the with a 30 day cycle you will ovulate on 19th Oct and your fertile window would be Wednesday 17 Oct 2018 to Friday 19 Oct 2018. But have sex from 14th Oct till 19th october. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is completing 1 year in few days. I think she drink breastmilk more than necessary. I know its good for babies. But she needs many time even while sleeping.. i cant able to avoid its became habit for ger. Plz suggest.
Answer: Hie Gradually reduce it if your baby has 4 sessions reduce to 3 for 4-5 days then 2 for a week then 1 for another week Post that make your baby sleep with his father or grandparents as you would remind of milk for 1-2 weeks You may as well apply mustard,almond or coconut oil around your nipples to discourage baby from breast feeding  It would take time like a month or two . Have patience the process of stopping feeding would take 2-4 weeks Once you stop feeding it would take 3-7 week for the milk to dry up If there is pain or engorgement in your breast express a little milk out to stop pain you may as well apply cold or hot compressor or freezed cabbage leaves to soothe pain There are certain medicines as well that help dry up milk faster by a weeks span consult your doctor regarding same if needed
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Question: Hai im preetha my age is 28 my amh level is 1.3 only im plnnaed prangancy 2 years before still im not concive and my husband sperm count good postion only.can i go for iui please suggest me.
Answer: Hi Preetha! Hope you are doing good now the AMH level during pregnancy is very important and if it is only 1.3 for you then also it should not be a problem because a normal a m h level is 1 to 4 and at your age it is possible to conceive with this AMH level however if your doctor is suggesting you to go for a IUI then you can definitely go ahead and give it a try .. Hope this helps !
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