26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My age is 24 I got pregnant after 8 months of my marriage...is it okay to get pregnant so early???

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Answer: Hi, Its natural to get pregnant if u don't take any precautions while having sex.its good to hear that you are pregnant.congratulations.pregnancy and having baby will get you immense pleasure and will strengthen your relationship.A baby makes your family complete
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    Preety Sah830 days ago

    Thanku so much...i was so confused about it...

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    reshma vicky713 days ago

    Even i was pregnant first time after one month of my marriage ,i was 21 years old , and when we celebrate our first anniversary my baby is about 2 month

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Answer: Dear if it has occured only once I would say wait for another month and see if this continues. If yes consult your gynae and get it checked. Hope it helps.
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Question: I got my periods after 5 weeks of my delivery by c-section. Is it normalnyo get periods so early
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