36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My abodmen is paining like stretching.. Fetal movement is normal what will be tha reason

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Answer: Hello dear. That stretching pain is normal as ur baby is trying to get into head down and fix his head into pelvic. In the final weeks this feeling is only due to this reason. Hope it helps.
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    Janani Vivek801 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: I have pain in my left leg...its like stretching pain...what might be the reason???
Answer: Hello dear, leg cramps are common during pregnancy... You must drink sufficient amount of water to prevent leg cramps as it can occur due to dehydration as well.. also avoid standing and sitting in the same position for a long time.. you must take short walks throughout the day... Also keep your feet elevated while sitting and sleeping... This should help reduce the occurrence of leg cramps..
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Question: Iam not getting baby movement..but fetal heart rate and scan reports are normal..what will be the reason??
Answer: Hi dear being in 37 th week it's not possible that you are not feeling movements at all. More or less is normal in case of more fat in body or high afi level. But no movements at all is not possible. Did your doctor said anything in that ????
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Question: My lower body is stretching a lot and my knees are also paining badly, what can be the reason?
Answer: Hi,this is because if the baby growing and the expansion of uterus ,you should take good rest ,soak your legs in warm water and do hot water bag compression.this will also help to get relief in pain in knees,you can also apply warm oil and massage or to get relief.
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