15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My abdomnal blinking is dis baby moving or what

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Question: I am 34 week pregnant,sometimes my belly is moving like tik tik .what is dis ? anyone feel like dis?
Answer: Hi dear its your baby moving and they feel like fluttering movements, which later turn to stronger kicks, and then she notices the baby squirming, rolling or wriggling. There are also hiccup movements.hope this helps
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Question: My baby is blinking his eyes to much what can I do?
Answer: Check if any dirt and dust might be irritating him. Well in this situation all u need to do is dip cotton ball in saline water and clean his eyes with it on intervals. Salt has some soothing properties which will give him relief quickly. This is tried and tested remedy for my baby. So I'm telling u with my personal experience.
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Question: My child is frequently blinking his eyes... is this allergy?? and what to do to stop dis??
Answer: eye is the sensitive organ of our body.. so i suggest consult your doctor
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