23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My T3...is ...1.25...T4..is 10.09 and....TSH is 0.161 please tell me is it ok or not and low and high please answer me I'm confused

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Answer: T4 and TSH is out of range.i think u should consult an endocrinologist soon.
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Question: Hi plzz tell me my tsh level is ok or not I'm tensn ..t3 is 1.25...T4...10.09....TSH...0.107 please answer me fast my tsh level is ok or low
Answer: Your TSH is very low..the normal range of TSH is 0.4-4..you have to consult doctor for it..they will prescribe tablets which suits u..you have to consume it with empty stomach.. it'll be normal one day
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Question: T3 and T4 normal TSH is high
Answer: Generally this goes down when you get pregnant so nothing to worry and if it doesn't then ur gynecologist will suggest you medicine accordingly.
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