36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My PUSCELLS level is 4-6.. What is this? And is it normal???

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Answer: It is abnormal it means you have some kindbof infection kindly visit your doctor
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Question: I am pregnant for 4 weeks and my TSH level is 5.16, is this normal, will this affect my baby?
Answer: Hi...level 5.6 is on the higher side...It is common during pregnancy...If thyroid is untreated during pregnancy..it will harm the baby...your doctor will give correct treatment and medicines...Follow them strictly and your baby will not be affected
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Question: My tsh level is 4 is it normal
Answer: No. It should be less than 3 in pregnancy! Check with your doc. with your report. 12.5mg of thyronorm is the ideal dosage in this situation.
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Question: Hi my BP level is 100/70. Is this normal? What is average BP level?
Answer: U have low bp and drink lemon water with extra salt 120/60is the normal bp level don't worry think about u r baby and be strong
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