38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My Lmp was 16 june 2018 and my iui was done on 28 june,how many weeks have i complete and when will be mine due date?

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Question: My LMP date was 21 March 2018. Can anybody tell me how many weeks for me now? And when will be due date?
Answer: Hello dear. You are 27 weeks and 6 days ( 7 months ) pregnant. Your due date is December 26th, 2018. Unfortunately, no one can say for sure exactly when your baby will arrive. In fact, only about 4% of babies are born on their due date. But it is likely that your baby will arrive in the few weeks either side of your estimated due date. Knowing this can help you to be prepared for labour and birth, and to have everything ready for your new baby.
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Question: My LMP was 9/05/2018. So when could be my due date? And how many weeks running now?
Answer: Hi dear, So right now you are around 37 weeks pregnant and due date would be around 40 th weeks.going by your LMP,your expected due date would be 13 th Feb ,2019.
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Question: I got my last periods on 28 June 2018 when will be my due date
Answer: Hello dear, your due date should be around 4 April.
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