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Question: My LMP is Feb 27 .. But I feel some pregnancy symptoms like milky white discharge..nausea.. Tender breasts.. What is the reason...?

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Answer: Hi dear it could be possible that u r having some pregnancy symptoms but will suggest u to wait for 1 week after missing period. Then check ur pregnancy
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Question: Milky white discharge and like water discharge symptoms is baby growth is fine
Answer: Hi It's very common in pregnancy, it's a Temporary change that pregnancy brings. infact it's a same discharge that you had before you were pregnant. There is just more of it. This discharge tends to increase as you approach labour, and it can be quite heavy. At this stage, you may also notice a bloody, mucus-streaked discharge.  Maintain good hygiene, wear cotton panty, wash after every pee.
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Question: Hi mam.. My lmp was Jan 30th, I have slight cramping n white discharge it's like milky white discharge in the morning and day time. And also I feel little tired and sleepy. Is tat is the symptoms of pregnancy?
Answer: Feels like that , even in intitial days even i was facing the symptoms as u r teling .. Just try through kit after a week dear
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Question: Milky white discharge at mrng but night it does come. What s the reason....?
Answer: It's normal. The discharge doesn't have to come all the time. The discharge is to safeguard the vagina from infections.
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