29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My LMP is 2 August 2018. Periods are irregular. Recently I have got my USG of FWB on 20 Feb 2019. BPD-70.9mm (28 weeks 03 days) HC-255.7mm (27weeks 05 days) AC-210.0mm (25weeks 04 days) FL-46.5mm (25 weeks 03 days) EFW < 10th percentile..... Amniotic fluid is mildly increased (AFI approx. 21-22cm)with single deepest pocket measuring approx. 5.9cm...........Doctor is scaring me.... Please help me...

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Question: level 2 scan report bpd-48mm hc-176mm ac-148mm fl-34mm afi-12 efw-344gm cl-35mm please tell if its normal ga-20 weeks 3 days
Answer: Dear report shows that all the things are in normal range .. at 21 weeks all good Take care
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Question: cephalic presentation... placenta:fundal posterior upper segment,grade II liquor:afi 12 to 12.5 fhr: 149bpm single loop of cord around the fetel neck BIOMETRY BPD:86mm HC:313mm AC:317mm FL:67mm Average gestational age :35 weeks 0 days edd : 16/06/2019 EFW:2622+-383 cervix length:34mm Internal os closed
Answer: Hi. Your report is peefect. There is no complication. Baby weiggt, heat rate, afi all are on range and are good. So take care of your self dear. Would suggest you to just have plenty of water so that loop thats around babies neck could come off.
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Question: 21 weeks 4 days pregnant BPD : 5.2 cm HC:19.6 cm. AC:16.9cm FL 3.4 cm EFW 429 gms ..this is my scan report it is ok
Answer: Is scan ka kya name h ..?
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