37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My LMP date is 11 june 2018 acc to that date my due date is 15 march bt acc too my ultrasound my due date is 6 april when ever i visit my dr she says that baby kabhi bhi ho sakata hai i m confused about my due date nd how will i get to know about my labour pain

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Question: I m also confused about my due date my LMP is 15 may 2018 so, what is my exact due date?????
Answer: 22-2-2019is your due date. But it's changes depends on your baby size.
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Question: My lmp was 3rd july 2017, and due date is 9th April. is it possible that i can give birth to my baby till 20 March 2018.
Answer: Hello! Ideally there should not be any problem if you are planning to give birth on 20th March. By 19 th you will be 37 weeks and baby born after 37 weeks is considered to be of full term as all the development is complete. You can also talk to your doctor about it for further discussion.
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Question: Acc to my lmp my doctor. Give me 29 March edd bt on my ultrasound report it's 4 April so which is most accurate
Answer: Hi Dear! Pls go with date according to LMP , becz according to scan the dates keeps changing according to growth and maturity and scan dates r always in 4-5 days difference.. Hope this helps!
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