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Question: My Daughter is 2 years and 2 months old, from last two days she is refusing to eat anything. Like yesterday she only had one roti in Morning then for lunch she had Moongdal soup 2-3 spoon n n evening 2 biscuit after that she not taking anything. Please can you suggest

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Answer: Dear mommy dont worry she will eat soon and as of now she has not been eating from yesterday this may be due to low in digestion. Kindly check whether she has any constipation problem or is it easy for her to go motion properly. Kindly check on it and if it occurs please give her enough water because childrens tend to play more and forgot to drink water, so less intake of water may absorb the water level in the body which may cause risk in stool and it will make her not hunger. So give plenty of water and fluid item. And the other reason would be if she get any cold infection she wont eat so kindly check that also and give home made herbal syrup.
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Question: Hi my daughter is 7.5month old and recently she had fever n cold n cough now fever get little ok . But after that she doesn't eat anything .she doesn't like to eat. Plzvtell the reason why she is not eating
Answer: As she had fever few days ago.. Her body is weak.. Slowly she will eat.. Don't force her to eat.. Give her different varieties of food.. May be she will eat..
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Question: My baby is 2 years old how much she ahould eat at 1 time... Like what quantity in breakfast, lunch n dinner....??
Answer: Hi,you should be feeding your baby small and frequent meals Don't force feed your baby. You can give Breakfast: 2 idli or 1 dosa or 2 slice whole wheat toast butter or with cheese or 1 small bowl of upma or poha or daliya Midmorning: Anyone fruit or a small glass of fruit juice Lunch: 1 chapatti with any veg or half bowl of rice with any veg and yoghurt 8-10 spoons or 1 small size veg stuffed paratha Eve: Some nuts,a cheese slices or 1 boiled egg or 1 egg in any other form or a bowl of veg soup Dinner: 1 bowl of porridge or 1 bowl of Dal khichadi with veges or 1 bowl of veg pulav or 1 and a half roti with subji ND don't forget to include at least 2 -3 glasses.if milk in the baby's diet
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Question: My 10 month old daughter has fever ...she s not eating anything...n if forced to eat n then vomit...think she hs cough too.... Will see doc in the morning...but any home remedy or suggestion ...plz help
Answer: Sarso k tel me azwine garme kar neck back& chest par lagao jaldi hi relief milega
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