26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My Bp reading was 146/75. Is it a correct reading? Can upper reading alone increase with controlled lower reading?

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Answer: hi dear! yes the systolic can increase with the diastolic normal. for this noting has to be done just keep on measuring your bp twice in a day. if you have a general physician near you to whom you can go to check the bp or you can buy a digital machine named omron digital bp machine. how ever its possible for you but you will need to check your bp once in the morning and once in the evening if its coming more or less the same then dont worry. take care.
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    Samyughan605 days ago

    Thankyou so much mam. How will this effect my pregnancy outcome? I am advised to avoid salt completely. Will this affect baby in any means?

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Question: My TSH is 10.24 and T4 Normal. Before pregnancy it was 4. Why is sudden increase? I'm in my 8th week. My SGPT 75 .. Will it be controlled with medicine? Will my child be effected for this? Im extremely worried
Answer: hi dear! so with high level of tsh and sgpt it can come under control with medicine but get your bp checked it should not be high as well.and after medications repeat the test after a week. incase of increase in bp you should report that to your doctor .
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Question: Hi, i am 23 weeks pregnant.. earlier my bp was less than 120/80 but since i entered 23 weeks, the lower one has started touching 90, while the upper one ranges from 122to 128. Is it ok? Or should i consult my gynae for it. Also, i have home bp machine, first reading gives for example 128/90 and immediately the second time it shows a lower reading like 115/83. What should i assume?
Answer: Hi,you should take the reading at regular intervals and prefer taking at the same time every time as this will help the Dr to decide weather you need any medication. Till than also drink.lits if water and take rest
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Question: My BP 75/110.. Is it OK..
Answer: Hi dear, Ideal BP is 125/80.but again it matters in each individual.you donot worry if you have no issues like dizzyness .
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