7 months old baby

Question: My Baby Boy is passing motion after every feed. Sometimes it's watery & sometime the same as wat I fed him solids. After giving him banana or carrot or something, within 5 minutes he makes poo and it will be same wat he ates. Same consistency same food colour. Why it is so? He is not digesting or wat?

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Answer: Banaa is helpful when he has constipation Dnt give him banana ri8 now..... giv him a fresh juice of pomegranate..or make sum fresh juice of apple or make coffee with 1/4 cup of milk n sum water add cardamom boil it n give himm... it will effect..
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Question: My baby is 6mth old.... started solids...banana pure...n nestle nestum...he is both on formula milk n breast milk...from the time we started solids...his poop is dark brown colour n very hard consistency....he struggles so much to poop....is it ok to give him solids...how can i save him from that hard pooping struggle
Answer: hi you should try giving your baby banana and papaya as this will help the baby in passing motion freely you should also apply Vaseline to the anus of the baby if nothing is helping you should consult to the doctor as the doctor will suggest some probiotic which will help the baby
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Question: Hello, my son is on his 6th month. I have started solids to him(one time feed).. i want to know whether he is digesting properly wat he eats.. wat will be the symptoms if he is not digesting properly.. i give him carrot rice, ragi porridge(rare) apple puree.. pls help me..
Answer: Hi dear, Though digestive system of baby is still in developing stage,but starting with pureed food and easy to digest solids can be beneficial. Baby can easily digest the foods you mentioned. Try to give one at at time.and never give combined solids . Also introduce an solid and give the same thing for three days ,only after that give him the next solid.ibthe baby is not able to digest some food,he might either vomit it out our might have severe loose motions. But don't worry,you can reach introduce the same solid after a week.
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Question: Hi my son is 7 months old..i have started giving him a boiled n smashed carrot..but its not digesting..whenever he does pooh i can see carrot paste in it..as it is
Answer: Hello This is normal. Our bodies cannot digest cellulose. So u will see undigested carrot. But the necessary nutrients needed are absorbed by the intestine so keep feeding the good veggies. Hope I helped
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