5 months old baby

Question: My Baby Boy is 5 months still his sleep time is not proper. Day time he sleeps for 2-3 hrs. But at night time he wakes up after very often. How to make him sleep for long time.

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Answer: Make sure u put right clothing for ur baby at night time.. switch off the lights except for bedroom light.. pamper ur child.. sing a song and make sure u feed him well.. ur baby will sleep for longer time then.. gud luck .
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Question: My baby is not sleeping both night and day time. If he start sleeping within half hr he wakes up. How to make him sleep?
Answer: Try to maintain silence and dark in room ... Use diaper in night ...Feed well before making him sleep hope these tips will help .tc
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Question: My baby sleeps in day and awake at night. Plz advise how can I make him sleep more at night.
Answer: Basically some babies will have a routine to sleep at day and awake at night.. So we also find more difficulties by losing our sleep. So we have to struggle a little bit to change their habit. First of all new born babies will have a habit of sleeping 22 hours per day. So day by day make them to stay awake at day time at least for half and hour after one feed. And after sometimes make them sleep. So make them to stay awake for for 15 to 30 minutes in every feed at day time. Automatically they pretend to sleep at night. Make sure by placing them in a dark room (if needed can use zero watts bulb) with less noises.
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Question: My baby is 2 months 20 days and he sleeps a lot... How can make sure he is getting proper feed.coz he don't even cry for hunger even he wakes up after 4-5 hour of sleep
Answer: Hey dear small baby sleeps 14 to 16 hours its common so dear dint worth give bf afrer 2 2 votes whether baby takes 10 min feed nd pls check babues urine if bsby s doing more than 6 times urine in 24 hours then its means baby s taking enough feed. So pls check it nd give bf afre 2 2 hours too
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