9 months old baby

Question: My 9mo refuses formula milk. She continually breastfeeds. I have been trying to give her similac iq but no achievement there. What should i do? Should i change the brand? How many times a day should she have solid? Her weight is 9.6

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Question: Baby is 3 months old.She doesn't take her mother's milk and only takes Similac iq plus stage 1 .But she poos around 7 times in a day. What should I do
Answer: Hi! Its normal to poop fr many times, pls give a lot of skin to skin to help the latch again, baby is 3 months only. Sounds like the baby has developed preference for bottle. Do lot of skin to skin, try latching when the baby isn't hungry. Do not wait till baby gets hungry.Be topless, give a lot of skin to skin and let baby latch on her own time without pressure. Also for a while you might want to cut down to one bottle a day try feeding with nipple shield and slowly get rid of the shield, it should work. Good luck!
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Question: my baby is 6 month old. i bottle feed her using similac iq+ stage 1. she spit up a lot... should i change the milk n try some other milk..??? if yes, then which milk should i try????
Answer: see if it curded milk no problem... and baby always spit milk... so wait for few days .. if not please consult doctor before u change
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Question: My baby is 4 months old she drinks 60ml formula milk. So how many times should i fed her.
Answer: On the packet of formula milk all instructions is given on it. You should read it carefully
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