36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 9 month start and my baby change position now they r in breech in position dr says there r only way to deliver c section.

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Answer: My due date is 2 April ..any chance to change baby position?????
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Question: I m in 9 month my baby is in breech position how to change its position
Answer: Hllo dear u r9 months pregnant dear some times in 9 month or sometimes delivery time baby changes his position by his own nd he goes to celphalic position which s right position for normal delivery .so dear take plenty of water ,go 4 walk nd put pillow under ur hips while sleeping may be baby changes his position .becaise breech position s not safe for normal delivery .dr goes for c section in breech position .best of luck god bless u
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Question: My baby is in breech position now.. Is there any chance to change the position
Answer: Hi As you are just 29 weeks you still have time to change baby position... To change babies position do not strain much just drink plenty of water also do slow walking daily till you ll be able to talk without gasping while walk and also do sit on floor in cross leg it increases chances to change position
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Question: No.... if you baby in breech position you are unable to deliver your baby in normal way you will be allowed in C section
Answer: Hi, it's always possible to turn baby into head down position. The best way is through yoga and specific excercise like cat-cow, walking , stairs , sitting on birth ball etc( you can check online or in YouTube as well) check with your doctor as well before applying all these.
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