38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 9 month is running, in Lft blood test my s.alkaline phosphatase is high it means what

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Question: what is LFT test in pregnency? My AST nd ALT in the reports are high..does it effects in future?
Answer: Liver function test is basically done to understand the functioning of your liver with help of certain enzymes such as mentioned by you a s t a l t ALP the high level of these indicate a problem in functioning of your liver it includes problems such as hepatitis even cholestasis of pregnancy or gallstones bile flow problems and Marker for eclampsia for fatty liver or even low platelets and haemolysis it is important because increased liver enzymes affect babies growth and affect the pregnancy outcome
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Question: What do mean by LFT Test...If the report contain high SGPT and SGOT,what it means and how it affect in the pregnancy??
Answer: Lft means liver function test......sgpt and sgot should not be high in pregnancy..it's risky fr the babies
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