10 months old baby

Question: My 8month old is doing potty again and again every hour or next to an hour but it's constipated and tight stool and doing in small small pieces almost after every meal.he is teething also.what should I do is that normal as he used to do potty once only a day and he is constipated almost ..motions are not loose they are hard enough..Pls answer

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Question: I'm breastfeeding mother my baby is 26days old and he is having loose motions. He is doing loose motions in small amounts at every 2 to 3 hours.what will be the reason and what should I do
Answer: Hi, Infant bowel habits and characteristics change quite abruptly during the first few months of life. a baby may have diapers frequently consisting of soft, liquid or solid stools. A breastfed baby will pass watery or seedy stools that have minimal shape. These are not signs of diarrhea. Infant diarrhea is described as bowel movements that are more frequent, greater in volume, watery and foul-smelling. Baby diarrhea can be due to illness or diet. A breast-fed baby can have diarrhea in response to the mother's diet. Her intake of dairy, spicy foods and even caffeine can upset a baby's sensitive tummy and cause diarrhea A mother on antibiotics can pass the medicine to her baby during breastfeeding, which may result in infant diarrhea Various bacteria, viruses and parasites can cause diarrhea in an infant. This can be contracted by touching an item contaminated with the organism and putting the hands or the object into the mouth. Such infections are often passed from caregivers and others who handle the baby. As for remedy keep breastfeeding your baby.The anti infective factor of breastmilk will help your baby recover fast. Also regulate your diet. Drink lots of water so that baby doesnt get dehydrated. Hope this helps.
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Question: my is baby is 5 months old he is doing green potty.. 3-4 times a day.. earlier he used to do normal potty once in day..or once 2 days
Answer: It is normal for stool colour to change to green..there could be many reason like baby is only getting foremilk,u are having iron supplements and iron rich food,also it is sometimes seen in formula fed babies..so it is very normal..and almost every baby has this phase of green stools
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Question: My baby is almost going to be of two months n earlier he used to do potty only once but now he is doing it three four times. Is it normal...
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry its totally normal...it usually happens becoz baby's digestive system has not developed properly yet it takes time... Slowly slowly it will be normal...I would suggest you to give breastfeed to baby and avoid any gastric food.. Take care
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