9 months old baby

Question: My 8 month old baby needs to undergo surgery. Doctor asked to give her high protein diet. Egg daily including yold and egg white.. is this ok since i am worried if she can digest.

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Question: Hi..how much protein intake my wife should increase during pregnancy? And somehow if she is not able to increase her diet, can she take any protein supplement to maintain her protein needs ?
Answer: Hi dear, If your wife is non vegetarian,then it's better to consume proteins directly from animal products.if she's not able to have it,then she might need protein powder.check with your doctor for the best suppliment suiting her needs.
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Question: hi my baby is 9 months old.Is it ok to give her fully cooked egg yolk daily for proteins?Some advice to start with egg white.is it ok?Also please suggest some protein rich food for 9 months.
Answer: Egg yolk is good enriched with proteins...some babies are allergic to egg whites...
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Question: Hi Doctor, Hubby is not able to penetrate into vaginal opening so yesterday i had consulted doctor, She performed test and told me that my hymen is tight and thick so need to undergo minor surgery by name hymenectomis. How helpful it is if i undergo this surgery. Is there any other way without the surgery.
Answer: Dear because of surgery they will lossen ur hymen thats it...and it may be a laproscopic surgery where you dont need to get tenced...pls trust ur doctor who examined you and go for it....it will help you in feature for conciving
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Question: My baby haa stopped drinking my milk since she was 8 months. Doctor asked to give her cow's milk im giving that but i cant see her gaining weight so can i give her formula milk?
Answer: Hello! Cow milk is something which should not be offered before the age of 12 months. I don't know why did the doctor refer. But it is better to avoid. Formula milk and breast milk is the only one which can be given to the baby at this age. Hence formula milk can be given to the baby .
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