Few days old baby

Question: My 6days old baby has reduced feeding and she sleeps for 7-10 hours what's the problem.?

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Question: Hii my daughter is 3months 6days old she is taking almost 7 hours gap for feeding at night time plz let me know if there is any problem
Answer: No dear Now ur baby is 3 months.. So. Don't worry.. If she will feel hungry.. She will. Start to cry.. Newborn babies should b feed after 2 hrs but if ur 3 months old baby is sleeping at night then dont worry.. Let her sleep peacefully.
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Question: My baby is 67 days old and she sleeps for 6 hours without feeding at night... Is this normal
Answer: Try waking her up and feed every 3 hours. Doctors advices to do so till tey they achieve good weight or up to 6 months
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Question: Hi My baby is 40 days old daily she has 10 to 11 hrs sleep hours....what's the problem
Answer: No worries, it is safe for the baby go for long sleep Usually babies at this time sleep about 14-15 hours
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