6 years old baby

Question: My 5 months baby has dry skin spots/patches on legs, forehead, that can be felt easily when I touch him. Why it is? Any problem?

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Answer: hi you should consult to the doctor as this could be due to some allergy or infection in the meanwhile you can apply lemon honey paste or coconut oil or aloe vera gel which will be very helpful but please do not ignore and please consult to the doctor immediately for the ointment and other medications and to see if it is any kind of allergy infection
Answer: Hi Better option is approaching paediatrician if it is happening seasonally few kids will get rashes in winter use baby creams. if the same is in other seasons also approach doctor
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Answer: Dear just massage your baby with Desi Ghee or mustard oil regularly and apply bit more on the area that is more dry than others skin. also apply a thick cream on the dry skin regularly. whenever you feel it's getting dry apply thick court of cream.. doing it regularly will make baby skin smooth and soft...
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Answer: White colored continuos flow of water down there... Flow would be that much you have to use a sanitary napkin to control
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Question: Red spots appear on my skin ...why does it cause???Is there any problem?
Answer: It's good to check with doctor and confirm if it's allergy or not
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