5 months old baby

Question: My 5 month old baby started teething everyone is saying it is too early it is??

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Answer: No..its normal..teeth wont arrive this early..this is just that the gums of your baby are hardening now for the formation of teeth later..the drooling of your baby means that the gums are hardening its not that the teeth has arrived at 5 months..
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Question: Hi. My baby is only 3 months old and he has started teething. Is teething possible in such early age
Answer: Same problem wid my daughter she's just 2.5 months old has started teething....she always put her hands into mouth...and trying to bite others also....
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Question: My baby is 8.5 month old still he has started teeting so early..he has got almost 4 tooth and 4 emerging out...any reason for early teething
Answer: hi dear few babies get teeth early this may be due to the calcium level and also other reason would be heredity so there is nothing to worry on this just make sure your baby won't hurt himself as he got his teeth very soon. because some babies when they fall they might hurt the tounge with teeth.
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Question: Hi everyone, within 2 days my baby completed 5 month so I'm feeling like to start solid food... Is it too early to start solid food...
Answer: Just wait for 1 more month and start giving from 6th month.... It's better.... Pls mark helpful if you feel this as helpful
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Question: my baby started teething at 6 months n right now she is 8 toothed... is early teething good or bad?
Answer: Hello ma'm bachcho k daant nikalna to khushi ki baat Hai jisse baad se bachche khAna shut kar dete Hai according to doctors 6th month se bachcho k daant nikalna koi chinta ki baat nhi Hai par bachcho k daant nikalna me kabhi kabhi unhe Kai tarah ki problem hoti Hai jaise dast aana palti sar dard aadi jis se unke body me Pani ki kami ho skti Hai jisse bachne k liye unhe gripe water Tulsi k patte k Ras me vanshlochan milakar angoor ka Ras shahad aadi dene seeaaram milti hai
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