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Question: My 4year kid is suffering from cold cough and fever what can i do from dadi k nuskhe

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 years old dear Cold nd cough s common in this season due to weather change nothing to worry abht .try these remedies .give steam to ur baby but very carefully hold ur baby properly. Take a pan add mustard oil +garlic+ajwain nd burn it nd strain nd put in jar.in night warm oil nd apply this oil on babies back ,chest ,hands nd feets .try it u can apply on babies forehead too .apply turmeric nd saffron paste on babies forehead too .u can give turmeric milk too its antibiotic nd helpful in cold nd cough .give ginger juice with honey too its also effective. U can give 2 3 spoon carrot juice too its also helpful in cold nd cough its improves immunity too try it .if u don't feel relief consult to pediatrician.
Answer: Hello dear, you kid need enough sleep for healing process. You can offer haldi milk, honey higer tea will help to soothe the throat infection . Keep your child hydrated. Hot vegetable soup / chicken soup has anti inflammatory property so add it in your kid's diet. You can massage Luke warm musterd oil with carrom sees s chest. Hope it will help you.
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Question: cough and cold dadi ma ke nuskhe
Answer: Breastfeeding is the first and foremost solution to treat cold and cough for your newborn. In your baby’s first six months, breastmilk is the only way to heal your child’s body from any type of problem.Breastmilk also improves the immunity of your child to fight against bacteria, germs, and virus. You can put few drops of breastmilk in each nostril of your baby. It will help to cure a cough and cold faster. Ajwain or carom seeds have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Dry roast ajwain on a tava or pan. Put the ajwain in a cotton cloth and make a potli of it. Gently rub it on the baby’s chest, back, under feet and palms. Make sure the potli is not very hot. First, test the temperature by putting the potli on your wrist. Make sure that the baby must have a single layer of clothing before you start to rub potli on the body. Caution: Don’t rub it on the naked chest of your baby.
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Question: My 5 month baby is suffering from mild fever, cold and cough, what should I do?
Answer: If the fever is 100 and more please give medicine for fever. However for cold and cough try home remedies like heating mustard oil with garlic cloves and massage the chest, back and feet with warm mustard oil, dry roasting two tablespoons of ajwain and garlic around six to seven and tie them in a muslin cloth and apply warm compress on the chest and back. This all helps.
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Question: My baby is suffering from fever, cough & cold.. and loose motion also... What should I do
Answer: for the fever you can give your baby tulsi leaves or drops by squeezing the leaves . for cold and cough massage the baby's forehead nose and chest with ghee also roast some ajwain Tie in a hanky and make baby smell this . also warm the chess with this now for the loose motion give your baby banana apple aur rice keep breastfeeding and avoid formula feed and any other Food
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