2 months old baby

Question: My 46day old baby does not poop last two days...what should i do

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Answer: Don't worry baby usually don't poop for 5to 6 days but if ur baby is crying soo much then he might be having gas problem and for this u should slowly massage around the baby's belly..or give him some liquid syrup Rapidspas for gas
Answer: No issue. It is normal if he is having feed and comfortable
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Question: My baby is one month old.. not passed poop from two days what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear, Do not worry if you are breastfeeding your baby. Most of the breastfed babies can go without pooping for a week and it is very normal. If your baby is formula fed,you need to poop your baby everyday. Kindly check your doctor if your baby is formula fed and not pooped for that long.if breastfed no need to worry.
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Question: My 6 month baby does not poop last two days
Answer: If you have started winning for your baby then its normal to get a constipated for a 6 month old because it's a new food that your baby's digestive system is not used to off so just don't worry make sure that you are giving a fibre rich food to your baby also give plenty of water to drink your baby massaging your baby's stomach with lukewarm Hing paste will help as well
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Question: my two month old baby didnt poop for the past two days.. what should i do..
Answer: its normal in babies dont be get tensed, same situation with my baby, doc says 10 poop in a day or 1 poop in a week is absolutely normal , u give him mugli ghuti 2 drops in warm water in morning its really works wonder u can this
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