1 months old baby

Question: My 45 days old baby demands feed again and again in every one hour

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Answer: This is normal even my baby used to do that.. keep hydrating urself n also make sure you have a proper diet for breast feed eg : methi,palak and all green leafy veggies n egg
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Question: My one month old baby drinks milk for 2hrs and again demands for milk
Answer: Hello Dear offer baby breast till it gets totally empty then offer the other one because baby needs fore milk as well as hind milk which is full of fat and keep baby full for longer time make sure baby drinks milk from each breast for 15 mins. In Initial days baby ask milk in every 1.5 hours that is normal. Yur baby will grow out if it in two to three months. Take care
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Question: My baby is 45 days old she has motions like drops in every half n hour how can I stop
Answer: Hi dear, I had a similar situation with my baby too.my baby continued this habit till 6 months.every baby has its own pace of development and each baby has different stages of digestion process.for you your baby is just born.the digestive system is weak and still developing.so have patience,once it gets stronger,the gut health would also improve
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Question: Hlo doctors.. My baby is Completed 4 month today.. He is on breastfeed only. He demands every one hour.. Is it ok? Coz I heard to feed baby every two hour...
Answer: Hello dear, you should feed in every 2 hrs. Breastfeeding baby's use to do such kind of demands but don't entertain this pattern. But before that you have to check whether his stomach is full after every feed.
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