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Question: My 45 days old baby cries after farting

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Answer: Hello dear, Babies can be pretty gassy. It’s common for them to pass gas 13-21 times each day! Infants have plenty of chances to swallow air. When you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby’s head higher than her stomach, That way, the milk sinks to the bottom of the stomach and air goes to the top, and it’s easier to burp out and use a nursing pillow for support. Hope this will help!
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Question: My baby cries alot before passing stool and after farting... Dont understand why..
Answer: Hello dear, looks like your baby might be gassy and it is absolutely common.. your baby might be swallowing air while being breastfed.. so change the feeding position...and burp the baby everytime you feed.. also your baby might be sensitive to something you are eating..so please keep an eye on what you eat... Avoid food that can be gassy..like cheese, eggs, Peanuts, cashew.. you can also massage the baby's tummy gently to help ease the gas and also fold the baby's leg from the knee towards the tummy to help relieve the baby of gas... Hope this helps..
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Question: My baby is 50 days old she cries alot while farting
Answer: Try to feed from both the vreast otherwise there will be chances of abcess in your breast. And the more you nurse your baby the more milk will be produce...so dont worry
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Question: 45 days old giving nesosmile drop after each feed still stomach pain n farting
Answer: Hi dear, then make sure to burp your baby after every feed and also you can apply some hing on baby's tummy that will help baby to get relief from gas...
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