1 months old baby

Question: My 40 days baby sleeps while feeding...my bm supply is low so i use to top up with formula after every feed but now he sleeps halfway while bf..i fear that he doesnt get enough milk...

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Question: My baby refused to take bottle so I started feeding him milk with spoon.but he cries during every feed while feeding with spoon which is making feeding difficult.i am breastfeeding him too but top feeding with formula at least once or twice a day as breast milk supply is low I feel.plrase suggest how to make spoon feeding easier
Answer: Give in sangu. Its available in silver in jewellery shops. Buy smaller one like one spoon milk holding capacity. You can feed one spoonful milk with sangu everytime. Using silver is good because its anti bacterial. Even spoon, cup, tumbler also, if possible buy small size in silver
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Question: my baby sleeps while breastfeeding...n gets up after every hour to feed...how can i wake her up and feed her till she is full...so that she sleeps for atleast 2 or 3 hours
Answer: Hi dear first you have to make sure that you baby stomach is full, full stomach gives baby a very good sleep but if your baby is not full after giving feeding for 30 minutes then your milk flow is low and your baby need supportive milk as well. Check the upper abdomen of your baby if it's up after feeding then it is full and your baby mmay sleep for 2 hours but it take little longer time for small babies to set a sleeping pattern. Sleep is as important for small babies as food so it's better not to wake up your baby if you baby sleeping for longer period of time special at night. At night you can feed baby after 4-5 hours. Take care of yourself and your baby too.
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Question: Can i feed my newborn through bottle as my breast milk supply is low I'm feeding formula milk after every breast feeding. Can i use feeding bottle for that? Dr is suggesring to use spoon feeding instead of feeding bottle.
Answer: Yes dear Always start bottle feeding to ur baby after 3 months because if u start early then ur baby will stop taking breastfeeding. Also use best and branded bottle for ur baby which should be BPA free.
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