1 months old baby

Question: My 40 days baby girl has 2-3 pus cells in the stool. What does it mean? Also the report says bacteria present. She goes for poop everyday and its yellow semi solid in color.

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Question: my urine report says i have pus cell more then 100 hpf..n rdc also present in 7-8 hpf.....i took antibiotics 3 times
Answer: Hi urine infection is common during pregnancy and may occur at any stage during pregnancy. But it can be prevented by increasing the intake of fluids. Take atleast 4 liters of water daily in the form of juice coconut water lemonade which helps to reduce the infection. And also maintain the vaginal hygiene wash the area after using the washroom. It will help. Take care
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Question: My baby is 5 months old and he has and is been passing sticky stool. And at times its semi solid. He has his third govt vaccination on saturday. So that day and next day he passed stool which was green in color, other days its yellow. So does sticky stool meams something. Please help
Answer: Hi Dear, Till 6 month .Baby can paas stool which can runny , solid , semi soild , brownish , green yellow .and also can paas 6-8 times in a day or once in a 5-6 days .No need to worry .There liver is not that matured.Thats y they do that . Observe of baby ,if he is active means behaving the same as he does the same .No need to worry .
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Question: I had urine infection and admitted for 3 days and taken antibiotics one week before and today when rechecked urine, again 10-15 pus cells what is the solution for the same one plus bacteria also present before it was two ➕ bacteria , what does it mean
Answer: Drink more water, tender coconut n keep you intimate place dry ..
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