4 months old baby

Question: My 4 monthsold baby doesn't pee all night from 2_3 days..?is it normal?????

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Answer: hi do you mean to say the baby does not be the entire night usually this should not happen it is advisable to consult today doctor and I also hope that you are feeding a baby even during the night time every 2 hours which is very important
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    Vidya Bhat835 days ago

    Day time she won't sleep.at night in first set she sleeps for 3 hours.when she wakes up i feed her..then for every one hour

Answer: Climate is changing. You have more liquid. If you want you can give some water to baby also
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Question: My baby doesn't pee from 4 days. Is it normal in 2nd month
Answer: Hi If baby is not urinating it should be treated woth pediatrician....as baby is completely in breast feed if urine is at regular interval then no issue...if baby not pooping then its constipation apply some castor oil around baby's belly and give gentle massage in clockwise motion for 10 min it reduce babies body heat and helps to relieve from constipation
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Question: My baby doesn't pee in night. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear due to weather it do happens but make sure to feed ur baby after every 2 to 3 hours. Also when sleeping u should make ur baby feed after 3 hours as sometimes baby forget to take feed when sleeping.
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Question: My baby doesn't pee in night. Is it normal?
Answer: Will he be on feeding in night time ? If he is on feeding then he will pee atlease once
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