4 months old baby

Question: My 4 months old baby has upset stomach from past one week. What to do

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Question: What to do when baby has upset stomach
Answer: don't do anything medicine have side effect and babies generally do potty many times they do little little as per their capacity of the stomach and intestines it is not like us adults who do it once a day so this is normal only breast feed it can heal the baby
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Question: my Baby is 2 months old. She has not poop from past 3 days. Kindly suggest What to do?
Answer: there is n0thing t0 w0rry. infant 0ften p00ps after gaps.if baby is peeing and passes gas n0rmally.then it is 0k. even my 2 m0nth 0ld daughter p00ps 0n 4th day
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Question: My stomach is upset from one month.
Answer: Hi, try home remedies Have yogurt Have coconut water Have promegranate juice Have apple Have ajwain ka water It will help
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