4 months old baby

Question: My 4 months baby did not poop from last 6 days..any solution for tat??she is farting a lot but not passing motion...

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Answer: hi dear, if the baby is exclusive breastfed then the 6 day period without poop is nothing to worry about at all.. hopefully the baby would poop in a day or two. However if the baby is farting , you may want to check the position in which she is feeding and keep the head higher than the stomach level and also see whether she is burping after the feed , this should help with the farting problems hopefully
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Question: My 5 months baby is farting a lot and from 3 days he did not pass stool.
Answer: Babies can be pretty gassy. It’s common for them to pass gas 13-21 times each day! Why so much? Infants have plenty of chances to swallow air, like when they: Eat, whether food comes from a breast or bottle or when they Cry. How to relief gas in babies: Check feeding position. "When you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby’s head higher than her stomach," Shu says. "That way, the milk sinks to the bottom of the stomach and air goes to the top, and it’s easier to burp out." Tip the bottle up slightly so there are no air bubbles in the nipple, and use a nursing pillow for support. Burp your baby. One of the easiest ways to ease gas pains is to burp her during and after she nurses. If she doesn’t belch right away, lay her down on her back for a few minutes and then try again. Work it out. Gently massage your baby, pump her legs back and forth (like riding a bike) while she’s on her back, or give her tummy time (watch her while she lies on her stomach). A warm bath can also help her get rid of extra gas. Take a closer look at foods. Talk with your baby's doctor about foods that may give her extra gas. "Some parents give infants fruit juice, which contains sorbitols (sugar alcohols) that the baby can’t absorb," Lavine says. The doctor will also make sure you don’t cut out nutrients your baby needs. If you breastfeed, your baby could have trouble digesting some of the foods that you eat, which can come through your breast milk, like dairy products and caffeine. If you give her formula, talk to your doctor about switching brands. Some claim to be helpful for gassy babies.
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Question: My baby did not poop from last 4 days what can i do as she is voniting like curd nd passing gas but not stool
Answer: Hi. New borns dont poop fow even a week so dont worry. Give your baby tummy massage with luke warm coconut oil in circular motion. If its too long you can massage babies tummy with luke warm hing paste. Make your baby do cycle exrcise daily it will improve babies bowel movement.
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Question: My baby did not poop for 10 days. she is farting with smell.What should i do?
Answer: Do not worry that is common in babies, she will automatically pass her stools.
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