4 months old baby

Question: My 3month 3 week baby not interested for drinking milk only 3 times drinking milk so what to do please advise

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Question: My baby is not interested in drinking breastmilk he is only 1yr old.what should i do to increase breast milk
Answer: Hello dear, as the baby starts eating solids it is possible for the milk supply to decrease.. so now to increase the milk supply leafy vegetables like palak and dill leaves to your diet..also eat vegetables like lauki and padaval as they help with lactation.. nursing the child frequently is one of the most effective way to increase milk supply so please do not stop feeding your child....
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Question: Baby do not drink breastmilk properly..only 3 or 4mts only drinking...what to do?
Answer: Is anything changes in your diet may change the taste of milk and usually babies refuse to drink milk due to taste of milk. If he is not drinking milk properly on his own then express milk and feed by bowl and spoon. And whenever you feed baby pamper baby and comfort baby this will help. And motivate baby to take feed
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Question: I think my breast milk is not enough for my baby.. please advise what to do??
Answer: You can eat foods like almonds, oats, lauki, palak, saunf, jeera, dill leaves, methi, barley, etc. on a day to day basis as they all help in increasing your breast milk supply...
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