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Question: My 35 week ultrasonic shows swollen left kidney of baby..is this harm my baby..what is cause of this

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Answer: hi dear! swollen kidney will normally cannot be treated with right now in pregnancy dear . but once the baby is born we check the baby for any problems and then decide the treatment regime dear. and normally it wont harm the baby inside dear. and it also has mild and severe form you will have to see if the baby has mild or severe normally if the dilatation is mild it wont require any treatment and will resolve on its own but if its severe then after delivery the baby will have to be examined dear. dont worry dear. take care.
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Question: I am 35 week pregnant.before 2 days i have done sonography.my doctor said..left kidney of my baby has swollen is it serious..
Answer: Hi dear, The concern you mentioned is called hydronephrosis.there would be blockage in the urinary tract of baby.This blockage may cause urine to back up into the kidney, a condition called hydronephrosis, which causes the kidney to appear enlarged on the ultrasound test. many kidney or urinary tract abnormalities detected before birth have no major impact on the overall health of the baby following delivery. Nevertheless, certain conditions may interfere with the baby's kidney function or growth after birth. your doctor would discuss with you regarding that.
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Question: Im 5month pregnat. My USG shows cyst in left kidney of the fetus..Is there any problem with the fetus?
Answer: hi dear! majority the simple cyst can disappear so dont worry we just have to make sure there is one or more than 1 cyst present dear. also repeated scans can be done to see or keep a watch on the kidney. dont worry dear. take care dear!
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Question: Why my left leg is swollen during 35 weeks of pregnency, is it normal?
Answer: Its normal..its due to pressure in abdomen by bulky uterus and decrese venous return frm legs.. Take gud rest..while sitting nd lying, keep ur legs raised with pillows..
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