3 months old baby

Question: My 3 year old girl baby has under eyes are so black .l am feeling so bad.please answer me

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Question: My baby has dark marks under his eyes.. What could be the reason.. He is one year old?
Answer: dark marks under eye are comon in babies due to the thin skin but getting a blood hb checkup and seeing a pedeatrician to rule out worms in stomach is secondary diagnosis. eye bags are comon in babies but if baby does not eat food properly or complains of stomach discomfort very often or is irritable and not enthused to play so much then you must see a pedeatrician who can manually check the eye mucosa and palpate stomach to notice any changes.
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Question: how can i increase my one year old baby girl weight.now she has only 7.7.am so worried.
Answer: Hello dear. To increase weight give your baby below healthy items 1. Full fat yoghurt 2. Cheese...paneer..pea nut butter 3. Egg yolks 4. Fruits like banana...Apple...avocados..pears 5. Dry fruits 6. Raagi 7. Jaggery halwa ..add ghee 8. Dal rice 9. Vegetable khichdi
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Question: Using of diapper my baby under leg are looking black
Answer: Hello dear I think u are using diaper for ur baby for long time. If u are doing that then baby is not getting enough air there because of which due to wet and also sweating ur baby's skin becomes dark from that area. So, dont use diapers full day for ur baby. If ur baby is at home then u can wear him cotton pants
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