3 months old baby

Question: My 3 months old baby has recently reduced formula milk and latches more on breast milk. But I don't find my breasts heavier as it used to be earlier when my baby was more on formula milk. Has my breast milk production reduced? And is my baby getting enough milk?? I m worried.. Pl guide

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Answer: Production of milk doesn't depend on size of breast. When baby starts drinking body will produce milk accordingly. So don't worry about heaviness of brest . Just concentrate on your intakes. Have healthy diet. Enjoy motherhood..
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    Debostuti Chakraborty778 days ago

    Thank you dear

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    smruthi Hanumesh773 days ago

    You are more welcome

Answer: Jitna wo piyenga suck karenga milk barenga
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Question: Can i give my baby formula milk as milk production from breasts is less?
Answer: Hi,yes you can give FM but in consultation with your Dr Also you should try home remedies to increase your bm Have more if milk and milk products Have fennel seeds Fenugreek seeds Oatsmeal Add garlic to the milk and boil it and simmer the gas for ten mins and have that Add shatavari powder to the milk All this will help you
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Question: Can i feed my baby both on breast milk n formula milk as i am not getting enough breast milk
Answer: Try to give more breastmilk dear keep breastfeeding your baby. The more you feed your body your body will produce more milk. Eat spinach curd milk carrots fish dry fruits oats, popy seads, garlic which helps in increasing breastmilk. Drink lots of water which helps in producing breastmilk dear. Keep breastfeeding your baby .
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Question: My milk production has reduced and my baby wants more. Plz suggest how to increase milk.
Answer: hi it is advisable to have a very healthy diet high protein rich diet which will help to increase your milk production you should also have nuts have more of milk and Milk products which will also help have at least 3 to 4 servings of fruit everyday and good green vegetables which will help you you should have oats and cerials and ragi. you can also try this homemade powder you should try Rose equal quantities of cumin seeds.amd fennel seeds and grind them then take half teaspoon of this powder and half teaspoon of warm gheeand have it after mid 2 to 3 times in a day the school also help in increasing your milk production
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