4 months old baby

Question: My 2months baby wakes up every one hour. What to do plz help

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Question: She wakes up at every one hour at night
Answer: Dear baby must be waking up frequently because of hunger. See breastmilk is very easily digested by baby and they get hungry frequently. So try to give a proper meal to baby before sleeping and also give formula milk or cow milk if you had introduced it to your baby because that way baby will be full tummy and can sleep for long stretch..
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Question: My baby doesnot sleep well at night after every hour she wakes up plz help
Answer: Sometimes babies feel confortable, aur we can say hungry, now its wintwrs u may try kught massage in night for warmness, it may help the baby ti sleep.
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Question: My baby is 13 months old, eats properly during day but wakes up every one hour at night n settles only by latching on to me, wants to breastfeed every hour, tried lot of things not working, what to do
Answer: My baby 4 years she not eating How much weight in 4 years girl
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