Few weeks old baby

Question: My 26 days old is coughing while breastfeeding because of overflow of milk. How can I manage this?now I am afraid to breastfeed him.

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Answer: This happened with me too .. this happens due to clogged nose . Doctor suggested me to give him nasal saline one drop in each nostril before every feed. Beleive me it worked for me.
Answer: Hello, if you feel your milk is overflowing you can just pump your milk into a bottle and then bottlefeed your baby. Feed not more than 20 minutes to your baby. Hope this helps .
Answer: While feeding place Ur hand below their head so head will be up..easy to feed..always sit n feed upto min 6 weeks..
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    Priya Sajeesh639 days ago

    I am doing so.. But sometimes he cough because he can't manage the flow of milk. Need to consult a doctor?

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Answer: It's fine to give both milk to baby just give more breastmilk and you can give 1-2 formula milk in between feed.
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