1 months old baby

Question: My 23 days old baby vomit milk through his nose. What should i do in this?

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Answer: Better consult ur paediatrician
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Question: My baby has 16 days old. By vomiting milk, it comes through his nose,his nose is closed. What will i do? Any medicine
Answer: Hi, sometimes baby will spit out milk through the nose. it happens due to milk coming up with air. as long as the baby is not uncomfortable, spitting doesnt affect them. your baby will stop doing it by 7 month. if your baby is healthy and not frequently vomiting and spitting milk, then it not cause for worry. you may consult your doctor if you are still concerned about your babys health.
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Question: My baby my baby 20 days old his nose is running. What should I do
Answer: Hello! you can try these home remedies • Warm some coconut oil and camphor oil and then apply it in all parts of the baby’s body each and every night. This helps to bring quick infant runny nose relief for your baby. (Note: Do a small patch test before you apply in larger areas of body) • Try giving some steam to the baby at home; this is going to remove the symptoms of cold without any medication. • Heat small portions of mustard oil with garlic, celery seeds and asafoetida; then add somecamphor oil with the mixture and then massage this on the baby’s body two times a day. • Put some roasted ajwain or celery seeds in a wrapped cloth and gently heat it for some time. Press the cloth lightly on the baby’s chest numerous times a day for clearing out the cold.
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Question: Yesterday while feeding my 20 day old baby vomit. Through nose also milk were come. Today I noticed white cough in his nose. What will I do
Answer: Hi dear what is the normal mucus in your baby's nose there is nothing to be worried maybe the milk which came out through nose yesterday while vomiting some of the milk remains there and and it look like a white mucus or white cough as you say if there is any blockage in the nose you can use nasoclear nasal spray it is very good in removing blockages .. Hope this helps!
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