2 months old baby

Question: My 2 months old baby have hemangioma in her eyelid.. Eye specilaist it ll gone itself after few days nu.. Did anyone have same problem? Papa has small one on her left eyelid corner.. When will cure??

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Answer: I am 29 week preqnant. I have a yellow veginal discharge + itching. My dr suggest use 12 Doss 12 days. Its safe for my baby? Plz help me
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Question: My baby is 2 months 3 weeks old, she has a yellowish discharge on her right eye when she wakes up in morning. She also finds difficulty in opening this eye for few seconds after waking up
Answer: may be she is sufferring from conjuctivitis common infection of eyes among babies.. not to worry 1. clean her eyes with clean cotton ball soaked wid normal saline from inner eye to outer eye cabthus. 2. do not touch her eyes unhygeinically or dirty hands. 3. do not use dirty hanky over the eyes 4. u need to seek pediatrician or eye specialist for suitable eye drops dont wry .. !! good luck.. !!
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Question: Hi my little one have some problem in her left eye...yellow liquid come along with water .my doctor told me to massage corners of the the eye..how long it will take to be ok...
Answer: the yellow liquid is because of the close duct of eye in babies . this is very common in newborn so what your doctor said is absolutely correct. so keep massaging corner of eyes of your baby this may take some time to open but eventually and slowly it will happen.
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Question: I have a girl baby , her left eye under part one nerve is too much thickness showing or like a swelling . My question is anything problem on her eye ?
Answer: Hi dear first of all you need to take the baby to the pediatrician if you are noticing or observing something in the left eye of your baby it's abt an eye so we should not take any risk .. Hope this helps!
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