2 months old baby

Question: My 2 month old baby spits out watery and curd like after feeding, I am breastfeeding her . What should I do

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Answer: Hi it is quite common spit out or vomit curd like texture for newborns tell at least three months .hold your baby upright on your shoulders for 10-15 min after every feed . make sure that your baby is burping after every feed although baby burps she will vomit wipe it off with soft and neat cloth .
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Question: Hi...My baby is 2 weeks old. I'm currently breastfeeding him. Sometimes he spits out some milk with curd like consistancy. When I try to burp him after feeding, he is not burping. Please help how to avoid spill out?
Answer: Hi, you can follow the following. Hold your baby in a fairly upright position when you feed him. Feeding him while he's slouched (curled up in your arms or sitting in a car seat, for example) doesn't give the formula or breast milk a straight path to his tummy. Keep feedings calm. Minimize noise and other distractions, and try not to let your baby get too hungry before you start feeding him. If he's distracted or frantic, he's more likely to swallow air along with his breast milk or formula.If your baby's drinking formula or pumped breast milk from a bottle, make sure the hole in the nipple isn't too small, which will frustrate your baby and make him swallow air. On the other hand, if the hole's too large, he'll be gagging and gulping because the fluid will come at him too quickly. Burp your baby after each feeding. In fact, if your baby takes a natural pause during a feeding, take the opportunity to burp him before giving him more food. That way, if there's any air, it'll come up before even more food is layered on top of it. (Don't forget to put a soft cloth on your shoulder first!) If you don't get a burp up within a few minutes, don't worry. Your baby probably doesn't need to burp just then. Keep the pressure off his tummy. Make sure your baby's clothing and diaper aren't too tight, and don't put his tummy over your shoulder when you burp him. Try to avoid car trips right after feedings, because reclining in a car seat can put pressure on your baby's stomach, too. Don't jostle your baby too much after he eats, and try to keep him in an upright position for half an hour or so. This way he'll have gravity on his side. You can carry him, put him in a pack, or prop him next to you against some pillows if he's big enough. Don't overfeed him. If your baby seems to spit up quite a bit after every feeding, he may be getting too much to eat. You might try to give him just a bit less formula or breastfeed him for a slightly shorter time, and see whether he's satisfied. (He may be willing to take less formula or breast milk at a feeding but want to eat more frequently.) If your baby tends to spit up while sleeping, elevate his head. It's unsafe for your baby to sleep with a pillow, but you can place a foam wedge under one end of his mattress or put the head of his crib safely on blocks.
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Question: My baby is vomiting like curd after long time of feeding what should I do
Answer: Hi. Its normal dear. Curd milk is said to be the digested milk. . So dont worry just make yoir baby burp.afyer very feed.
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Question: Baby spits out milk like curd even after burping ..alot ..
Answer: Give her colicaid medicine ...or apply hing mixed in water on baby stomach
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