2 months old baby

Question: My 2 month old baby is still looking somewhere, not looking to my face.. does she have problem with eye contact?

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Question: My baby is 3 n half month old still he is not looking at us.. Bt He cn observe objects bt nt eye contact.. Wt to do
Answer: Start talking ...Aby might not look at you initially but when she will get tired looking at other side will start looking at you.. do continuously talking.. make her feel the noise ... Try holding her and play the way she likes to play.. for e.g. my baby likes to stand on stomach ....Once she is made to stand ..She plays .. she hears to what we say..She tries to talks.. my baby is 3months and 7days old.
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Question: hai when will be baby having eye contact with people my baby is 1 and half month she does not make eye contact please help
Answer: Hi dear , eye contact in infants can be observed as early as the age of six months,  very important source of earliest possible indication of possible autism. However its Normal to take upto 3 months at times...dont worry but keep engaging with the baby and let your concern with yor doctor
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Question: My baby is 1 month old, she is not making eye contact, is this normal? When will the baby start to recognize the face?
Answer: Hi! Pls dont worry its normal give some time ur baby's vision is not clear and its blurred it wil start getting clear and baby will start making eye contact.. Hope this helps!
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