13 months old baby

Question: My 1year old boy not eating properly,he eats small amount only compare to past month ,wat can i do for dat?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make different soups, make mashed potatoes dishes (tikki or cutlets), try giving brown bread pizza (using pizza sauce and cheese), make custard of seasonal fruits, suji or atta halwa, I am sure your baby will like some out of these..Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.
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Question: My baby is 2years 1 month old.. He is not eating spicy food... He eats only curd rice.... What can I do
Answer: Hi. Introduce pepper in egg first. Thn add spice in limited amount and increase further. Dont giv alternate food. Let baby get hungey and try new foods
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Question: my baby is not eating anything ..only taking breast feed he is 1year 2 month old
Answer: Hello dear At this stage the one thing that you need to keep in mind is to cut down the milk intake. As it's insufficient for the growth of the baby. It doesn't give the complete nutrition to the body that needed daily. At this stage baby needs 20-30oz milk everyday and that can be fulfil by either giving a cup of plain milk, milk products or milk based items. At this stage you can also start weaning the breastmilk if you baby allows and wishes. Few tips for feeding the baby, 1. Always understand the baby acceptance regarding the food texture. If still accept pureed food don't force to accept chunky foods. 2. Always remember don't force feed the baby . It may leads to loose of food interest. 3. Be creative on your cooking as well as presentation side . 4. Keep trying different recipes and mix match the two ingredients to make new one. 5. Always feed the baby in stainless steel , glass or silver bowl .Plastic feeding bowl and spoon should be strictly avoided. 6. Baby gets hungry soon in every 2-3 hours but you need to understand the hunger sign of your baby. 7. At this stage baby needs 4-5 times meal. 8. Food items are recommended are generic and avoid if your baby has any particular food allergies. Food items that you can feed are, Rice Apple porridge, rice kheer, Apple kheer, ragi kheer, sabudana kheer, ragi and banana porridge,Apple ragi porridge, ragi pancakes, ragi idli, ragi and nuts porridge, moong daal soup,potato carrot soup, tomato carrot soup, muesli curd, muesli and milk , vegetables soup, sooji banana porridge , sooji Apple porridge, scramble eggs, oats and nuts porridge, Apple oats porridge,milk oats and dates porridge, daliya, Apple daliya porridge, banana daliya porridge, barley kheer, curd oats, plain and veggie khichdi, upma, sooji chilla, veggie appam, sabudana vegetables khichdi, makhana kheer , boiled vegetables with pasta and breads, chicken soup, etc . Apple puree, chikoo puree, papaya puree, carrot puree,pumpkin puree,watermelon, kiwi puree, banana puree, banana with curd,avocado puree, home made flavoured yogurt. Banana shake,dates shake, Apple shake, avocado shake, kiwi shake,chiku shake , Banana kiwi smoothie, avocado Apple smoothie etc.are the options .
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Question: My baby boy never eats food. He only drinks milk.. What can i do for that
Answer: Hi dear. you will have to arise your babies interest in eating and use colourful bowls and plates for your baby which must have his favourite cartoon characters on it and also let her eat in the company of others yourself should give company to your baby while eating and never feed your baby forcefully. and maybe your baby is not feeling like hitting due to hot weather so you should offer cold feed to your baby for example fruit custard curd yoghurt milkshake homemade ice cream and let your baby eat with his own hands because baby like to eat in that way and give more of a single food for example cucumber slices Apple slices , carrot slices. don't worry dear why you should not take a stress of the babies are used to behave this way and they are really choosy in eating so you should offer new new food items to your baby and try to understand the taste of your baby I will he like more of a salt or a sweet dishes. and some time baby don't feel like eating due to deficiency of iron or some particular vitamin so if this is the case a regular checkup should be done and proper supplements should be given by consulting your doctor. Good luck
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