11 months old baby

Question: My 18 monthbold son not talking

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Question: My son is not talking what to do
Answer: Hi dear please don't worry my daughter also was started speaking after a 20 months of arrange please show every baby is unique and everyone has their own developmental skill submit 1 time and some can learn fast what I can suggest you to do to your baby please talk as much as possible with your baby try to get down and listen to what baby tries to say listen the TV time if the baby is watching TV and encourage to play the baby with the same age group of kids it shall help.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my son is 1.7 yr now but not talking words
Answer: hi, do not worry. Just talk to him more. Describe all the activities u do in a funny manner. Take him out and show the nature, and other things. Important at this age is that he should be communicating through actions. Check if he does the following Does he points finger to the object he wants. does he make an eye to eye contact. if he sees something does he point it out to u. Then don't worry, he will definitely talk, just keep on talking to him. Take care
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Question: my son is 18 month old and he cant talking
Answer: speak in front of him clearly n slowly then he listen n try to speak, has to make eye to eye contact whenever u r speaking with ur little one , say in front of him small small sentences n show him tv cartoon serials , like Nick junior channel in that he can listen continuously n try to speak n don't worry some babies will take time to speak nothing to worry but whenever consult with your paediatrician ask ur doubt with ur doc
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