16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 16th Week has just started. Its my second pregnancy bt hv gained 5 kgs of weight. I used to be slim b4 conceiving. Weight is nt visible anywhere except on tummy which looks lyk a third trimisters tummy. M worrying.. What could b d reason ?

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Question: Even if used galact granules but no use. . One of my sister is nurse she suggested me to give lactogen .. I started lactogen now she is OK. . Gained weight too. . I became very fatty. .. how should I have to reduce my weight. .?? Am unable to do my works properly. . I wanna sleep more time am feeling very lazy. . Please let me know to reduce my weight n my tummy became very huge just like pregnant lady.. please suggest me
Answer: Galact granules have given a good impact for me but it's alright that ur baby is doing well on lactogen. As u r not on breastfeeding u can start dieting n exercises. Follow a well planned routine without any excuses. If u loose weight u can work as before n u won't feel lazy too. Take ur breakfast before 7am, lunch around 12 pm n walking or little exercises at 4pm then supper before 7pm. Gradually increase your time on exercises. Avoid spicy n high calorie foods n eat less but make sure it has an enough protein content.
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