14 months old baby

Question: My 14 months son has loose motion since last 2 days.his potty area is very red.what to do please advice

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Answer: Hello Nothing to worry.dnt put diapers for few days.u can apply Himalaya diaper rash cream.use cotton boxers.u can apply moisturizer or oil around that area topically.dnt rub it.
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Question: My son has loose motion very badly What to do
Answer: Please stop dairy products immediately. To compensate the dehydration give him ORS. Immediately take him to hospital. Even my son has now. Dr had prescribed him some oral syrup and zinc. Have to watch for three days if not controlled then have to revisit again. Ensure to give ors as much as he takes. Boil the water and let it cool. Mix the ORS powder in right proportion and give
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Question: Hi, my daughter is 2 months old. Since yesterday she has been pooing very often. I believe she is having loose motion. Please advice on what shall i do.
Answer: hi mum don't worry usually newborn baby sometimes get loose motion in few babies will not a fast motion even for a week so this is very common with them we don't need to give panacur worry about it the most important thing to remember is the food item we take will show impact on babies that so it is must to avoid taking high fibre rich food when your baby is having loose motion and also when you eat more spicy or very hot food items it also make baby to pass motion frequently so please drink more water you can try taking curd if the baby poops very much then it is good to consult with the doctor
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Question: My baby has loose motion since morning what to do
Answer: Hello dear... Loose motion in babies occur due to Dehydration, teething, indigestion, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... You can feed baby rice porridge, or rice water, best remedy for stopping loose motion in babies You can also mix little ginger juice with little palm sugar, can give it to baby, this will promote better digestion, can also feed pomegranate juice, will stop loose motion Apply some castor oil on babys tummy, it helps in reducing dehydration, body heat, prevent loose motion
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