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Question: My 14 day old baby is feeding for continuos 3 hours. When trying to pump milk, i am getting 2oz per session. Not sure why my baby isnt able to get the milk. Please help dears

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Question: I'm not able to breast feed my baby since not getting any milk,,,,, please help me to get the milk
Answer: Dear first you have to positive and happy that you can feed your baby sufficiently.. Keep your self happy and calm.. Depression stresness effects your baby and your milk production.keep breastfeeding your baby dear the more you feed your body will produce more milk. Eat healthy food helps in improving breastmilk dear. Drink plenty of water ..waterforms basis of breastmilk ..TO keep your body functioning properly and produce sufficient milk have to drink more and more water.. Keep yourself hydrated. Oats is well-known for it's milk supply boosting properties.. This is best good which increase harmones which helps in increase the breastmilk Spinach is very good source of vitamin calcium iron vitamin k a and delicious acid. Folic acid is very important to the women who breastfeeding and who will feed their baby ..spinich improves the capacity of the breast tissue and it helps increasing lactation capacity .Carrots is very good in increasing breastmilk.. Use carrots in your salads and make carrot juice.. Dry fruits which helps in improving harmones which is needed to produce breastmilk.. Calcium rich dry fruits are taught to help in milk production such as dates. Apricot fig ..you can eat dry fruits in any form you like .If you are non vegetarian eat fish and check you are not ulergic to it.. Fish contains high level of efa means essential fatty acids which helps in increasing milk production ..fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which is really good.. Fish like tuna, Satan, mackerel you and eat.. Having more especial fatty acids helps in production nutritional milk..
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Question: Why my baby sleep less,? Only 3 to 4 hours per day
Answer: My baby also does the same we have to adopt for the situation mostly babies won't sleep when their stomach is not fulfilled or they are trying to pee if u give grape water added to warm water and in a Luke warm solution u can feed the baby with that if the baby tried to pee it will help
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Question: My 21 day old newborn after drinking 2oz of formula sleeps for just 1 hour. He doesnt drink more than 2oz per session also. What to do.plz help
Answer: Hello! It is fine. Every baby is different. Try to offer milk again when he wakes up. If he takes it then good otherwise leave it. Also do not worry about sleep, babies somehow make up for the entire hours of sleep they need. Take care
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