Few days old baby

Question: My 14 day old baby is feeding for continuos 3 hours. When trying to pump milk, i am getting 2oz per session. Not sure why my baby isnt able to get the milk. Please help dears

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Question: Why my baby sleep less,? Only 3 to 4 hours per day
Answer: My baby also does the same we have to adopt for the situation mostly babies won't sleep when their stomach is not fulfilled or they are trying to pee if u give grape water added to warm water and in a Luke warm solution u can feed the baby with that if the baby tried to pee it will help
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Question: When i feeding to my baby he getting sounds why
Answer: If it's gastric problem give colic drops.it will reduce gas problems
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Question: When i pump , i get 40 ml breast milk in total per session from both breasts . Is it sufficient or i hv low milk supply . My baby cant latch properly so i hv to pump and feed him feom katori chamach . I pump 4 times and 4 times i give him formula .
Answer: It's enough, no need to worry.... Slowly try to avoid formula milk coz how far you feed the baby with breast milk the baby will b such strong in further days as they grow old
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