13 months old baby

Question: My 11month old had loose motions since yesterday..everything was undigested food.. today he had completely green watery stools and tat was d last... 6hrs now no stools.. simultaneously he has been having fever tat went up to 103.. I gave crocin drops n cold compresses for fever but his temperature rises every 2hrs... Wat to do n Wat food shud I give him

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Answer: hi dear! so firstly you will have to for sure visit your doctor dear. as this can be infection so treatment is required with the tests. as with the house remedy a faster relief wont take place dear. so visit your doctor for proper treatment. as fever is more and if crocin is not helping then proper treatment will be required . take care .
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Question: Message by Varsha Hadalagi: Hi.. I need a help.. On 26th of this month my baby was given vaccination and she had fever for 3days..n temperature was very high 100 and 101.3.. I was giving calpol syrup for her as per advised but the temperature wasnt reducing.. So on Friday i went to hospital again n they changed the medicine.. As per the medicine i should give her 3ml in the gap of 6hrs..iam doing it.. But soon after 6hrs she is getting fever n its like 100 degree.. Iam scared.. Can anyone help me
Answer: hi dear ! so generally fever occurs 6-12 days after the shot and it can last upyo 2-3 days but if you are really scared. you can visit your pediatrician to help you out with the medications. dont worry.
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Question: Hi.. My 10 month baby has 103 fever.. I hv given p120 but it doesn't work... Last week Thursday he got fever.. Saturday went to hospital an was ok.... Now again he got fever. Today only we gave normal bath to him.. As he took bath last week.. Tat too gave got water... Why this happens? Is he is too sick r its quite normal? Should I take blood test?...
Answer: Please consult doctor and do thorough check up.and proper treatment for the recurring fever. Doing blood test is also.good
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Question: My baby is doing potty after whatever he eats ever after water or milk from last two days somtyms watery or not. Last but he had 103 fever I gave him feverly drops. Today afternoon also be had fever and lots of vommiting. Now wht should I gave him to eat cerelac or milk . Doc told me to give lots of water
Answer: Then gv him water... it's good 4 health... May b teething can't say
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